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What I actually do

Dennis Singh
Dennis Singh Interview
Dennis Singh
Dennis Singh

In a nutshell

I am in love with everything centered about online business and startups. My Interests are reaching from strategic questions to how to build first Startup versions in the smallest amount of time and with maximum cost effectivity.


  • Product strategy and online business models
  • Product definition and MVP
  • Market research

Product Management & Rapid Prototyping

  • How to build the smallest working product with the highest customer relevancy – Done is better than perfect
  • Planning and execution

Webdesign & Development

  • Fast development of online business models ans software as a service using a WordPress core
  • Coding of Themes, HTML, CSS and WordPress functionalities
  • Webpage conception and user interfaces (UI Design)


  • Years of experience in the startup / entrepreneurial sector
  • Active role in startup projects

What I have done

Big Picture

Bild von Dennis Singh

Build thinks that work with the smallest necessary effort and the highest relevance. Learn as many things as possible and combine them to new ideas. That’s my motto as a life long learner and life hacker.
Or said in other words implement fast. If you would have done a job for 20 years, in 95% of all cases this would not mean that you have 20 years of stacked experience. It is more likely that you have one year of experience (fast learning curve) and 19 additional that have no big progress but maintaining the status quo this level. This is why I believe strongly in a broad set of skills and knowledge. Especially in an age of exponential technologies that are change the world faster than in the last 500 years combined.

But even if in my opinion a skill set as broad as possible is best, everyone needs a focus. My focus and passion is about online business models and products to make thinks that matter.

10 + years of experience in the online product and entrepreneurial sector

+ Freelance product manager and developer

+ Leading product manager for a well founded online health startup

+ 3 years of product and it project management in the big data sector (SEO SaaS)

+ Entrepreneur in residence for a well known german company builder & VC

+ Web developer

+ UI designer

+ Web entrepreneur

+ BA in communication design



Official Blog

Lives mainly in Hamburg, Germany but loves to travel around the world.

German & English

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